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2022 Fee Schedule for Estate Planning Documents

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Estate Planning Packages start at 899.00 for an Advanced Directive, Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, Letter of Intent to Executor. 

We endeavor to provide estate planning services on a flat fee basis as much as possible.  However, clients with multiple beneficiaries and/or complex trust and will provisions may be charged fees additional to those shown below, either as a flat fee or hourly.

Initial Consultation


For those seeking information but not interested in estate planning documents; otherwise included in any Plan listed below.

Basic Estate Planning Package Plan

$899 Individual
$1500 Couple

Includes for each person 4 Documents:

A “Basic Will.”

A Durable Financial Power of Attorney 

A Medical Power of Attorney (“Advance Directive”) with living will provisions

A letter of intent to your executor or a beneficiary.

Basic Wills leave your entire estate to one or more persons, and do not include specific bequests (except for general bequests of tangible personal property), provisions for minor children, or any trust provisions. Financial and medical powers of attorney allow the person(s) you name to manage your financial affairs and make medical decisions for you in the event of incapacity.

Other Estate Planning Services
$375 Stand-alone Financial and Medical Powers of Attorney package (no Will)

Note:   The pricing for all documents includes only the drafting and signing of the initial document.  Clients will be charged additional fees for any changes (codicils) or amendments  made after the document has been signed. 

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