Our services include:

  • Notarization of Power of Attorney
  • Notarization of Parental consent forms authorizing minor children to travel
  • Certification of any legal document(s)

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Business Services

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  • Transferring a Vehicle to a Family Member

  • Giving a Vehicle to an Individual

  • Donating a Vehicle to a Charity
  • Inheriting a Vehicle

  • Making a Name Correction

  • In-Transit Tag Out of State

The Importance of a Title Transfer 

Professional Notary Service.

  • Online Transfer and

  • Registration Services

  • Buying a Vehicle

  • Selling a Vehicle

  • Replace Lost or Damaged Title/Registration



Notary Process

Generally, the notary has to see current identification documents such as a photograph, physical description, and a signature. A current driver's license, military ID, or passport is also acceptable. Notaries are not responsible for the accuracy or legality of documents they notarize. We certify the identity of signers because they are responsible for the content of the documents. Our notary service does not prepare legal documents or offer legal advice in any situation.

Notary Service

A Notary is a responsible person appointed by the state government to witness the signing of important documents and administer oaths. As an impartial witness, we ensure the signers of documents are who they say they are, and not impostors. The notary makes sure the signers have entered into agreements knowingly and willingly

A title is a legal document that indicates ownership of property, including vehicles. When a vehicle is bought or sold in the state, a title transfer must be done to allow the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) to keep track of who owns the vehicle. We assist you through the title transfer processes, including:

Notary Services From Tiger Notary and Insurance

We are a Business and Legal Services company that offers notary services for automobiles and properties. When you need to transfer a title, we make sure the process gets done smoothly.

Notary Public Services: as an additional convenience, we provide on-site notary services.

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When you need bookkeeping but your budget doesn’t have room for a full or regular part-time employee, talk to the professionals at Tiger Notary Insurance.  We offer bookkeeping services from experienced and trained professionals.  You get the assistance you need, when you need it without the expense of recruiting, hiring and training a new employee.

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